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How to Design An “Instagramable” #Studio ?

The modern age has been taken over by “screens.” Generation gaps are no longer in argument when it comes to discussing the effectiveness of social media for businesses, self-branding and all around online fame. The urban dictionary has recognized the term “instagramable” which is a term associated with the trendy, popular and loved picture oriented platform – Instagram.

Instagram introduced the ‘hashtag’ and with the hashtag it has also compelled people into being very label focused when posting on this application. Popular Instagrammers have a certain style of photos, a certain chic and urban layout, filter and design which is favored and admired. So today in this article I will be addressing an aspect of how to look “Instagramable” by talking about ways to design an everyday studio in this manner to make all your selfies, wefies and #hashtag moments from home look Instagram worthy.

Studios – a single roomed space that accommodates all the necessities of a home; bedroom, living area, kitchen and an extra room for a bathroom. This style of living has been seen as the new hype in within the youngsters, and even some adults. So how do we design a studio to be somewhat “Instagramable” here are some tips.


When it comes to artwork, in this article I do not necessarily mean Van Goh, though of course you can place whatever you like in your home, what I directly mean by artwork is – Controversial art, quotes and illustrations.

Selfies, are very common and are regularly taken and when taking a selfie, it is good to have a nice background and of course good lighting. Placing a quote, pop art or something “urban” in your mirror background or on a wall that reflects the best lighting of your house will indirectly brand your images and allow you to hashtag the origins of the image or quote in your selfie when you upload a photo from your studio.

With the Instagram story in full swing, documenting things you do throughout the day has become almost instant if you are a social media enthusiast. Placing a large piece of trendy artwork to stand out in your home will catch people’s attention and make your space have a nice twist of style when taking those random story updates of you making coffee, walking out the house, showing what is going on in your home, and so on.


  • #Minimalist #Furnishing


The days when our parents use to fill the house with bits-n-bobs, furniture of large scales and almost too often jam packing the space with more than needed – are over. Functional, chic minimalist furnishing is the new “in” thing and defiantly demonstrates a scene of cleanliness, organizational attributes and space.

A studio is already a considerably small space, and that is what it thrives on. Therefore minimalist furnishing will not only accomplish your “Instagramable” look but also make you maximize your home. This type of furnishing are inarguably much easier to keep clean, and definitely much more appealing in a photo and during an age where image and short clips of everyday moments are publicized on these social platforms.


When designing any home, you need to decide upon the style you are following, whether it be #vintage, #hipster, #classic, #rustic etc. Once you have decided on your theme you should coordinate every bit of your purchases in accordance.

This includes the style of your kitchenware, bedding and layout. Find a style that suits you so that it resonates with your personality and your individual style. The reason this is a factor to being “Instagramable” is because if you take that photo of your morning coffee #Mondayblues, you want it to match the rest of your home to make your public image seem more appealing and intriguing.

Having a style allows you the leverage on a particular hashtag, gain ideas from other people who have hash-tagged the same word and perhaps even inspire people by your style when they scout the same theme you have implemented in your studio.


Greenery is always appreciated and always makes a photo look fresh, stylish and is certainly good for your homes aura. Plants make a space seem very attractive, and add a natural burst of color, life and presence to your home (photos).

Studios do not have a garden, therefore representing that aspect of a home in a thoughtful manner that compliments your chosen style will make the studio seem all around more welcoming. The presence of plants makes the air fresher, cleaner and sucks up the toxins that linger making it a happier space for you to enjoy and thrive in. View more at our  botanic living collection.


Colors are always a big factor when it comes to space. Certain colors make spaces feel bigger, adds character to the home and completes the finishing look. As we all know, Instagram comes with filters to enhance images, so choosing a color scheme that would look good with your favorite filter and match the overall look of your studio will be the cherry on the top of the icing to make your home #pop


So there you have it, our 5 tips to making your studio “Instagramable”. Need more ideas? Check out our home furniture collection and transform your little abode into the ultimate #Studiogoals and be the envy of others! 


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