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Revamp Your Home On a Budget

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home, after a long day at work, coming back to a nicely decorated home that’s vibrant and inviting will relax you like nothing else.

If you’re looking to add some chic touches to living room and bedroom, it can be easily done by picking the right items. Revamp the look of your home, make it more comfortable, enlivened, and do all of that with just a click of a few buttons.

Here are our top five picks for home and living from ezbuy to spruce up your home, and you don’t have to break your bank account:


1) M.S. Feel 

Study Table : RM 63.95 

This study table from MS Feel has a very minimalist look with its wooden facade and black stands. It’s perfect for those who like a quiet, serene environment to work or study. There’s enough space for all your essentials, and it can snugly fit in the corner.

Adjustable Notebook Table : RM 34.75

​If you’re more on-the-go and prefer to move around the house, this adjustable sofa/bed side notebook table is perfect for you. It comes in different colors, it’s adjustable, and you can take it all around the house you. Whether you prefer to work on the bed or from the couch, this table will follow you according to your convenience.

Cube Wooden Box: RM 19.86  

If you’re a neat freak who loves storage boxes but also like to do it in style, look no further. These wooden boxes come in nude, natural colors, and you can arrange them however you like! They look chic and stylish, and you can fit all your deco items in them accordingly.


2) Ju Ke Ai 

Organizer : RM 14.11 

As far as storage boxes go, this one is one of our favorites! The color easily matches the table and the walls, it comes in three layers with three different sizes to cater to all your stuff. So if you have magazines lying around, remote controls, books, and stationeries, they can all easily fit into these three-tier storage box!

Drawer Storage: RM 11. 28 

This is the perfect solution for all the clutter lying around on your desk. If you constantly find yourself bringing work home, then this drawer storage is your best friends. For all your papers, documents, different files, you can easily sort them all into this three-drawer box, which also has a label on the front. In case of emergency, you don’t need to panic, simply refer to the labels and retrieve the document you need!

Transparent Travel Pouch : RM 0.78 

Solve all your travel problems with these super cute and super convenient travel pouches. They also come in different sizes for your convenience. From your t-shirts, towels, toiletries or even your undergarments, store them securely in these transparent travel pouches before stuffing them into your suitcase!


3) Wan Long

Folding Clothes Rack : RM 18.30 

This super-convenient clothes rack will make hanging your laundry a bliss! It’s mobile, small, and can easily latch on to your balcony and any other chosen space. Apart form hanging towels and clothes, you can also use the top tier space to dry your shoes and other items.

Rubbing Brush : RM 5.39 

Don’t want to spend a tonne of money on a loofah? Just get this back rubbing brush from Wan Long. With a long handle, it makes it really easy for your to reach your entire back. What’s more is that it comes with brush ball massage effect, which is perfect when you’re relaxing in your tub!

Wall Mold Remover: RM 34.75 

Don’t you hate it when there are molds on the wall when you’re trying to take a shower? Does it make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy? This wall mold remover from Wan Long will solve that problem for you. It can be used on either ceramic or porcelain tiles on the floor and on the walls, and it’s super effective in removing the mold!

4) Qing Qing Yu Lu

Undergarment Storage: RM 11.21

Whenever we’re traveling, storing our undergarments are our biggest issues. Do we keep them together with the other clothes? Should we put them in a special bag? These undergarment storage from Qingqingyulu are perfect for girls to store their delicate undergarments. They come in a compact, convenient size, and they have super-fun colors too!

​Simple Plastic Shoe Rack : RM 0.72 

Ever wanted a really simple storing method for your shoes? Here it is. These fun colored plastic shoe storage racks will free up a tonne of space in your shoe closet. Whether it’s your high heels, sandals, sneakers or ballet flats, they all fit into this space-efficient plastic shoe rack. Also, each of them are less than a ringgit!

Stainless Steel Watermelon Scoop : RM 7.00

Got guests coming over? Want to make them a simple and healthy snack? Got a party to organise? This simple and easy-to-use watermelon scoop will be your special assistant in the kitchen. It works for watermelons, honey dew, and pretty much any other fruit, depending on your creativity. Just scoop, put them in a bowl, add some garnish and voila, you got yourself a bowl of snack!

5) Amour Wedding 

Party Balloon: RM 1.35 

Got a wedding to plan? Need some balloons? We got the perfect ones for you. These are no ordinary balloons, they come with floating flower petals and confetti in them. The content also come in different shapes, colours and sizes, so take your pick. Now, who said you can’t have a festive wedding on a budget?

Rice Light Water Can : RM 5.53 

It’s your wedding night and you need something glam yet romantic to set the mood. What’s better than these waterproof rice light water can to light up your room? With the intricate interior lighting and covered with glass exterior, it sets the perfect romantic ambiance you’re looking for.

Wooden Marquee Electric Light: RM 11.51

Looking for something bright to ignite your home or bedroom? Want to decorate your walls with some quotes or positive words? Use these wooden marquee electric lights to help enhance your interior. At only RM 11.51 a piece, mix and match your letters to decorate your walls. Imagine how pretty they’d look at night with the light off!


For the widest variety of Home Furniture, do checkout ezbuy.my!



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