8 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a characteristic that truly shapes your life. It builds your confidence and allows you to really just be who you are; your true self in every way. With that, here are 8 powerful principles to improve your self-esteem and boost your feelings of self-worth through continued practice. As a quick disclaimer, be aware that just knowing the info you’re about to get revealed on won’t be enough to raise your self-esteem. You have to actually go through the motions and practice the preaching; by taking actions on these tips, you’ll feel a lot better in time.



Surely one time or another you have looked at your neighbor, friends, family member or co-worker with envious eyes. When you’ve felt enamored and on occasion falls victim to feeling inadequate as a result of someone else’s accomplishments. To improve your self-esteem the very first thing you need to start doing is throw the habit of comparing yourself to other people, be your own person and love the skin you are gifted with. Comparing yourself would only arise two possible outcomes; comparing yourself to someone who is less fortunate than you, which could lead to feelings of gratitude – learning to appreciate what you have.

The problem is when you become habitual with this mentality you start more often than not, comparing yourself with people who has more than what you have; more money, lesser weight, fancier jewelries. There are endless factors to make up who we are. When you compare yourself to them, you’d only tend to focus on factors you envy rather than the strengths and fortune you carry.



Work on your thinking. We have this constant monologue running through our brain and is impossible to sometimes turn off that inner voice.Now, if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts that reinforce feelings of low self-esteem, the results will most definitely be just that. Stay aware of your thinking and not fall into the habit of self-deprecation or talking down to yourself. Look for your strengths in everyday life and make it a practice to continually pat yourself for the amazing qualities you grew upon. Creating a habit of self-appreciation. To spend even just five minutes meditating on how good you really are.

Congratulate yourself on every victory or success no matter how small you think of it, it may lead to bigger successes. With every little self-compliment it will add up to greater feelings of self-worth. Try using affirmations; a way of asserting your confidence with a statement where you’re essentially confirming a belief in yourself out loud. It forces you to engage in the exercise through a dependable mantra. This may feel silly the first time around, but it really is a healthy way to exercise your self-esteem. One of the easiest ways is to make short lists of positive factors in your life. List out the qualities that makes you feel good about yourself and feel proud as you reflect on your good fortune; feel good to be you.


Other simple yet very influential habits that affect your confidence and self-esteem are things like the people you choose to surround yourself with. Nothing lowers your self-esteem faster than people who make you feel bad about yourself. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario for people with low self-esteem. They tend to group with people who they seek approval from. It’s a scenario that sabotages self-worth because then you would get fixated to their opinions and always worry about what members of the group thinks of them.

That can destroy your self-esteem and may cause you to program your subconscious mind that you are in fact not worthy of being confident, of having success or being happy. In some ways these could be a push for you to be better as well but know when the limits are being crossed and if they are supportive towards your betterment.

Be conscious on how every single person affects you and what do they reflect out of you the most. It may be tough to let go of those close to you but if you find yourself spending time in a circle of negative vibes that may or may not harm you, you’re better off on your own for awhile. Break this habit by finding people who loves you. Hang out with people who accepts you unconditionally and respects who you are. Also, people aren’t going to respect you for whom you are until you respect you for who you are. So work towards that goal first.


You may find that a lot of time when you receive a compliment and respond with, “oh, it was nothing” or “it’s not a big deal”, this is somewhat a huge way you sabotage your self-esteem. When you essentially refuse a compliment you are telling yourself you are not worth that given compliment, you devalue yourself. You may not be thinking of it at that time when the compliment is given, but in fact the action of turning down the compliment by brushing it off, it sends a message to your subconscious brain which in turn lessens your confidence and feelings of self-worthiness.

You’re reinforcing the bad by not embracing the good basically. So instead, accept every compliment that comes your way with a “thank you”; it’s a simple answer that will allow you to just feel good about yourself and satisfy the person giving the compliment. Remember, you don’t lose by saying thank you; believe them when they see you’re capable of greatness which you may not have noticed yourself.


It is important to engage in activities that makes you feel good, serves you positive inputs and broadens your mind. Perhaps reading a book that inspires you, watching movies that makes you laugh or some kind of motivational, inspirational clip on YouTube every week, something that could really put your mind in a hopeful, positive light and to keep the consistency going. Another way to find positive input is to create new challenges for you. This could be like learning a new language, mastering a scale or just working towards self-improvement in some area in your life.



Day to day life presents us the opportunities to do good deed for others. It could be someone who needs help opening a door, someone who needs that seat in the public bus more than you do, whatever the situation may be, it doesn’t matter how big or small the favor, choose to help when you can and you will feel better for it.



We all feel better when we’re productive. After finding your strengths through the exercise above, you’ll definitely know where your skills packs the biggest punch. Try looking for your passion through studies, business, volunteer work or school and fortify your feelings of self-worth. Everyone has a talent, everyone has their skills. Know yourself and follow your heart.



Be true to yourself. Staying true to your character in any situation is what defines your integrity – be moral, be kind and strive to do the right thing in any situation you find yourself in. When you have a strong moral compass you will always be comfortable in your own skin. Remember; don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back from good self-esteem. Take your time and work it.

With this change in your life you will find yourself feeling better, bringing yourself to a healthier state of mind. Being content with yourself is an achievement one should focus on before giving, to be able to give you need to firstly know who is the person giving (you) Be selfish about you, and with these 8 tips you will be on your way to a fulfilled life with your shadow (you) by your side as a friend, not an enemy. Nothing is permanent, don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how worst the situation is … It will change ! Head to ezbuy and check out these stress relief toys today!


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