Supplies to Keep Your Fur-Kids Happy!

Not everyone becomes a parent by having children. Some adopt children. Others adopt cats or dogs and they become members of the family! We’ll take a quick look at a couple essential pet supplies every parent with a fur kid or kids’ needs straight out from our Pets collection:


Automatic pet feeder and water fountain

Your family fur-kids aren’t like regular kids. They can’t tell you when they are hungry, or when they are thirsty – at least not all that well because we don’t understand what all those barks and meows mean.  This is one of the best solutions I’ve seen so far: – A gravity fed food dispenser that ensure that their food bowl is always full and that their water bowl is always freshly filled!

Not only does this make life easier – no hassles about regular feeding times and routines, but it also lets you leave the kids behind when travel for work is necessary or leisure is wanted!


The Washable Cat Bed

Your fur kids deserve a bed just like any other child, and cats and dogs have different needs when it comes to their bed! Cats generally prefer something smaller, with enclosed sides with even a “roof” on top of it. They generally look for comfy places to lounge in where the walls provide protection and privacy from the whole family!


The dogs in the family will also want their own beds, but they generally prefer something bigger and no so enclosed, but still with enough of a “wall” to give it that sense of being “their” space. Get one bed for each of your fur kids because the generally won’t share with each other, regardless of whether they are all dogs, all cats or a mix of both! Make sure to buy one that can be washed for ease of cleaning made from quality materials that will last through the kneading and rough housing that goes around in multi fur kid house!


 The Vertical Cat Hangout

While you can take the dog out for walks to run and burn off their energy, cats need something else to act as a distraction and play time when you are out and about. Solution: cat trees!

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and include all kinds of toys, tunnels, passages and platforms and some include a place to take a nap as well! Each of the pillars on this cat tree is made from solid Birch wood, meaning excellent support and stability. The tightly coiled sisal rope will give your cat plenty to scratch on to keep their claws sharp and your furniture intact

This is a cat tree complete with all the trimmings. You’re cats will think that Christmas has come early for them this year, and all they are missing is a little bit of catnip to lighten up the party!


Smaller trees for the more chilled kitty!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the high ceilings necessary for something as tall and imposing as the previous masterpiece of feline home entertainment! If you have somewhat older or more relaxed/chilled out cats, they might want something lower down to the ground and since they are smaller it becomes possible to have several around the house. Consider placing these next to windows so that your fur-kids can watch the world roll on by!


Furniture Protection from Feline Claws

Your chairs and tables will thank you for these if they could! Made from high quality sisal weave material with sturdy heavy grade velcro stripping, you can wrap these mats around the legs of your furniture to keep the same from the destructive claws that every feline is equipped with. This one is a winner in any household, because you can use it to create a vertical scratching post out of existing furniture! Perfect for creating a small cat tree on a budget!


Be sure to head on to for the widest selection of pet supplies or accessories and keep your fur kids happy!



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