What to Get Your Yoga-Practicing Girlfriend ?

Yoga. I honestly do not understand Yoga as a sport or a means to stay in shape or get fit. At all. But my girlfriend started Yoga before I even met here and she is still enjoying the classes and she says she’s learning a lot, getting fit, and also improving her flexibility and also spend time with her friends. That all makes sense, and like any other sport or fitness activity there is a lot of Yoga equipment out there. And if you are in my position, you’re probably wondering just what yoga equipment would make a great gift for your Yoga practicing girlfriend. I’m going to say everyone who reads this by giving you a little bit of information about the various pieces of Yoga equipment I’ve gotten my girlfriend over the past year because they are of excellent quality, and most importantly lightweight and easy to transport!

The Yoga Mat

Every Yoga practitioner uses one of these, and over time, like any piece of Yoga equipment, they wear out and need to be replaced. This was the first piece of Yoga equipment that I bought for my girlfriend: – A top quality Yoga Mat. Made from 8mm thick foam, it’s thick enough to provide padding against any hard solid floor and still soft and flexible enough to be rolled up and stored with ease. It also waterproof meaning unsightly sweat stains and smells won’t become an issue and also cut and tear resistant so it should last longer than most other Yoga Mats. One of the major bonus points was this one came with its own carrying case making it easy for my Yoga practicing girlfriend to transport it to and from class.

The Yoga Ball

The Yoga Ball is a piece of Yoga equipment used to provide upper and lower back support when attempting different Yoga poses or positions – the things I learn from my Yoga practicing girlfriend. These come in different sizes so make sure to get the right sized one! Made from top quality PVC, its puncture resistant and still weighs less than three pounds (3lb) and can withstand a whole lof of direct pressure without popping (about 500 lbs of direct pressure)! Light, portable, puncture resistant and something every beginner needs as they build up muscle strength over the long term. Expect your Yoga practicing girlfriend to be using this one for at least the first year of Yoga classes.

The Yoga Wheel


You can think of this as something a bit more “advanced” than the Yoga Ball for your Yoga practicing girlfriend. As a piece of Yoga equipment, the Yoga wheel (sometimes called the Dharma Wheel) serves pretty much the same purpose as the ball but is smaller and in a sense, provides LESS support than the ball, perfect for those who don’t need quite the same level of support as a Yoga beginner. These are coated with replaceable and also washable anti slip mats to prevent accidents from happening and are also incredibly lightweight and strong! These like the Yoga ball, come in different sizes so make sure to order the right one for your Yoga practicing girlfriend!

The Yoga Brick


I know this one sounds a little bit… strange. But it’s basically what it sounds like: – it is a solid brick of EVA foam that is perfect for use when they need a little bit of support in certain poses or positions. This is especially needed when something like the Yoga Ball or Yoga Wheel are too big to be used effectively. Made from environmentally friendly non toxic EVA foam, the Yoga bricks are sturdy and lightweight., My girlfriend had one that I got her and then went out to get a second one because she found them very useful to provide support beneath her knees and calves for certain Yoga positions. I could have scored a few more points if I had just thought ahead and bought two instead of one!

The Yoga Hammock


This is definitely not a piece of Yoga equipment for those in the beginner classes, but for those in the advanced class. Then again, it is also a great tool for learning some poses that are otherwise impossible to learn without a few people helping out! This aerial hammock is fully adjustable and can be configured to provide the necessary support for an almost unlimited number of different poses and positions and completely eliminates the need for any practitioner to have to rely on other people for support. Like every other piece of Yoga equipment i have bought my girlfriend, this is also lightweight and easy for her to take to and from her classes because it folds up and stores in its own travel pouch! Neat and clean!

So those are the five gifts of Yoga equipment that I have managed to get for my Yoga practicing girlfriend over the past year, and I’m pretty sure she appreciates each one that I have gotten her through ezbuy, because I was also smart enough to get the right sizes as well!


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