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There is an abundance of reasons why we sign up for gym memberships. We want to lose weight, look better, improve our health and the list goes on. But for all the reasons we have, a majority of us still end up preferring to stay home and binge watch that second season of Daredevil on Netflix. If you feel like this applies to you, don’t worry, it’s normal, you’re not weird. Statistics indicate that over 60% of members stopped visiting their gyms after 3 months mostly due to work/family commitments.

A solution exists for this though. Burn that gym membership and set up your very own home gym! Cut the long queues for the limited number of treadmills, avoid the stink of 50 sweaty men and save money at the same time! Below is a list of essential fitness products you’ll need for a full body workout you can do anytime you want to get those gains.

Floor and Walls
I’m gonna go on a hunch and assume you have a floor and at least 1 wall (hopefully more). If yes, congratulations! You now have a starter home gym. With these sick equipment, you’ll be able to do a whole bunch of workouts such as bur-pees, planks, crunches , wall sits, squats, lunges and so many more. Because these workouts use your own body weight, they’re a good way to get your cardio work in, build muscle and burn fat at the same time. They also improve core strength and can be challenging for individuals at any fitness level. All these workouts and you haven’t even spent a single ringgit [on sports accessories]! Slip in a yoga mat if you don’t feel like getting your floor wet from all that sweat you’ll be churning out when you turn on beast mode!


Adjustable Dumbbells
This is one of the most effective equipment any home gym can have. The dynamic weights allow you to adjust these bad boys for a variety of exercises depending on strength level, intensity and duration. With a pair of dumbbells, you’ll be able to target specific muscles rather than working the entire body at once. This will help correct strength imbalances and allow muscles you’ve worked out the day before time to recover. Focus on upper body development as well as getting a good pump by performing your max rep on one weight then immediately reducing the weights and continuing. This will push your body to its very limits and you’ll come out feeling like a champ!


Resistance Band
Bands are good for when you don’t have much space to store equipment. They’re lightweight, come in a wide range of resistance levels, and their limits only go as far as your creativity takes them. You can add bands to any body weight exercise to increase the resistance or you could also use them for a nice quick stretch.


Pull Up Bar
One of the key measures to a person’s fitness lies in one of the simplest, yet most difficult movements – the pull up. For beginners who have yet to accomplish their first rep, resistance bands can assist with some of the weight here. Just loop it through the bar securely and put your foot or knee in to support your body weight. The pull up is a fundamental exercise that works the entire upper body and helps sculpt an admirable back. Adjust the height of the bar to perform different workouts such as incline/decline push ups, dips and supine pull ups.


Rowing Machine
If you have the space and budget, this is the ultimate equipment for your home gym. Forget boring treadmills and stationary bikes that only work your legs, the rower works every major muscle in your body in one smooth motion. Your arms, back and legs will scream in agony as your heart rushes to pump blood to them all at once. After getting used to it though, this will be your go-to workout every single day. 15 minutes on this feels like half an hour on the treadmill. Talk about efficiency. Be prepared to sweat buckets. This workout burns calories at a higher rate, develops strength and endurance, and is also much easier on your joints.


There are plenty of approaches to achieving your fitness goals and a bunch of them can be done directly from the comfort of your home. The key is initiative and commitment. All the fitness equipment in the world won’t make you stronger unless you actually use them consistently. So get up and start working those muscles with ezbuy right now!

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