10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

You’re looking to get married on this wonderful day. You’ve gotten the rings, the cake, and the enormous guest list that your mum decided wasn’t enough till the last moment. The only problem was the venue. You’re still scratching your head over it. What kind of venue are you looking for? Something rustic or more chic? A little bit on the high side or a budget-abiding place? What about the type of food. So many factors, right? It would drive anyone mad but here, I have lovingly put together a list of 10 things to consider when choosing a wedding venue so that it may ease your worries.


The Guest List

“Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at venues will help save you from headaches and heartaches down the road,” says Holly Patton Olsen, wedding planner and owner of Seattle’s Perfectly Posh Events. If, for example, just about everyone RSVPs “yes”, there’s no way your venue can fit everyone. Search for a venue that is able to accommodate everyone on the guest list, just in case everyone on that list decides to go (and why wouldn’t they?). And if not everybody shows up? Well, you can use that space to add in extra decorations and/or a bigger dancefloor for those who came!


Full Service Venue

If you are one that’s not about details and/or have to travel long distances to plan, look no further than a full service venue. A full service venue is detailed by this site as: “Full service venues provide all or most of the details needed for a full wedding. This can include a ceremony site, reception site, all catering, entertainment, and décor options. The downside is that it can limit your choices about individual vendors, and may increase the costs in some areas.“ If you’re alright with limited choices and increased costs and do not want to spend extra on bringing in your own vendors, the full service venue is for you. Check out this top 12 outstanding Chinese Wedding Venues in Malaysia if you have no clue on the selection.


Too Hold/Cold + Facilities

Depending on where you live and/or where you hold the ceremony, it may be a particular season of which you need to take into account. Check if the venue has heaters if the place you wish to hold it at gets too cold due to winter/other conditions or air conditioning if the place is too warm/held in summer. Also make sure that your guests have access to toilets easily and if there are disabled persons, ensure that there are disabled-friendly toilets and amenities for them to use so that everyone may have a smooth and joyous day.


Hours of Operation

Obviously, this need not be said but please, please check the hours of operation of the venue. You really don’t want to be partying halfway only to find that there is a curfew at 1am. Make sure you get an extension if needed; this usually tacks on an extra cost to the whole thing so be sure to factor that into your budget. Depending on where you go, some places might not even have a curfew; just be sure to be careful with those who do, especially places like galleries.


How much of a Deposit Needed?

Money talks. We all know that. You need to put down a deposit on the venue so that it won’t be snatched up be other people. How much of a deposit is needed, is another question. Make sure to ask the relevant parties as to how much deposit needs to be made and under what terms and conditions. Should the venue be returned to them all right, how would the deposit be released and how much would not be (non-refundable deposit) and if not, how much is kept?


Usage Venue’s Vendors Mandatory?

Some venues prefer if you use their vendors, whilst others make mandatory to use theirs and only theirs. Be sure to check as whom these vendors are should you decide to use the venue’s vendors for your event. Do they have the options you would like for your wedding? Certain colours, themes and decorations? If not, check if these vendors are mandatory to be used or if you can bring in your own vendors. Certain venues prevent you from doing so because of an already established connection between the vendor(s) and the venue so be sure to check and double check.


Look & Style

What sort of style and feel are you going for? More modern or more natural? Regardless of what you select, the most important thing is to select a venue that is “you” – in a sense that represents who you both are as people. “With the influx of Pinterest weddings, a lot of couples choose venues based off of the style of a wedding they fell in love with online,” says Kait Costanti. “But it’s important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple, and to choose a space and a design that’s a representation of who you are.”


Distance between Venue and Overnight Accommodations

You’ve got to put your guests up somewhere, right? Do ensure that the distance between your selected venue and the overnight accommodations are nearby unless you have transport arranged for your guests to be brought to the venue at a specific time. Even if you have transport arranged, it is better that you have both locations nearby each other for ease of commuting. That way, everyone arrives on time and looking fresh instead of travel-worn.


Ample Parking

Have that uncle and aunt all the way from another country? They’re driving here with their entire entourage? Make sure the venue has ample parking for all the cars and other vehicles that may enter the premises. Ensure that the parking spots are all reserved for specific guests, so that no confusion and/or arguments will arise from the guests you have arriving from afar. Else, you may quite literally find yourself in a tight spot and nobody wants that.


Correct Lighting and Sound Equipment

Lights! Camera! Action! Before all of these can take place, the correct lighting effects and sound equipment have to be ready. Check beforehand to make sure that there is a sound and lighting technician on hand to ensure that your special day goes off without a hitch. If you have any special requests, be sure to take it up with the technician a couple of days beforehand so there may be a couple of practice sessions to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the big day itself.



It’s your big day and hopefully nothing should go wrong. Thus, I hope this list of 10 important things, whilst not exhaustive, will be able to show you the way when deciding as to a particular wedding venue. A quick Google search should be able to tell you everything about the venue; if not, a quick scouting trip (if it’s not too far away) would do you good. If you like this article and found it useful, or you have some tips of your own to share, do comment below and share this article with your friends and family members who are also considering tying the knot. May happiness follow for eternity!


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